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Source Research
24 maj 2019
ROSBANK Café et Croissant. Russian Daily
OCBC Asian Credit Daily
OCBC Daily Treasury Outlook
Hong Leong Bank Weekly Market Highlights
Hong Leong Bank Fixed Income Daily Market Snapshot
Hong Leong Bank Daily Market Watch
23 maj 2019
OCBC Asian Credit Daily
Maybank Daily Research
ROSBANK Café et Croissant. Russian Daily
OCBC Daily Treasury Outlook
Hong Leong Bank Fixed Income Daily Market Snapshot
Hong Leong Bank Daily Market Watch
22 maj 2019
UkrSibbank Ukraine Capital Markets Weekly: Newly-inaugurated president went to the country
ICU Bond Market Insight -- Rates continue to fall
Another break in the high activity in the primary market was seen yesterday, and demand slightly moved to FX-denominated bills. The total amount of borrowings rose by about UAH1bn compared with last week.
ICU Аналітика по облігаціях -- Ставки знову знижуються
Перерва у високій активності первинного ринку триває, а попит поступово зміщується у валютні інструменти. Хоча порівняно з минулим тижнем обсяг запозичень загалом зріс приблизно на один мільярд гривень.
ROSBANK Café et Croissant. Russian Daily
OCBC Asian Credit Daily
OCBC Daily Treasury Outlook
Maybank Daily Research
21 maj 2019
Adamant Capital (Ukraine) Fixed Income Weekly Digest (May 15 - 21, 2019)
ICU Weekly Insight -- Real GDP growth slowed
Slower-than-expected growth rate of Ukraine's economy in 1Q19 confirms our expectations about the slowdown of real GDP growth to 2.3% in full-year 2019.
Risk Management Institute Weekly Credit Brief (May 14 – May 203)
The Weekly Credit Brief (WCB) provides summaries of significant credit-related events that occured around the globe in the latest week. This week's WCB includes the following story: Indian aviation industry struggles to soar high
ROSBANK Café et Croissant. Russian Daily
Hong Leong Bank Fixed Income Daily Market Snapshot
Hong Leong Bank Daily Market Watch
OCBC Daily Treasury Outlook
20 maj 2019
Eavex Capital Ukraine Market Monitor (May 20, 2019)
ROSBANK Café et Croissant. Russian Daily
E.Gavrilenkov and A.Kudrin Monetary Policy: Financial Crowding-Out Set to Continue
Even though Russia’s pace of economic growth is far from what one can call a success, the country continues to present a very solid static picture in the environment of an elevated key policy rate (implying that short-term macroeconomic risks are low) – a quite favorable environment for bond investors. The reserve accumulation by the Finance Ministry via FX purchases in line with the fiscal rule was an important factor that affects ruble liquidity on money markets. Indeed, the ministry spent over R1.2 trln to buy FX on the market since mid-January and announced that it will spend over R300 bln on FX purchases from May 14 to June 6. The Finance Ministry has become a major player on the money markets – both in the ruble and FX segments – and it turned out that the ministry became the major supplier of the ruble liquidity to the markets already in 2017, while the Central Bank became a liquidity absorber.
Maybank Daily Research
W rozdziale są publikowane komentarze analityczne, codzienne i specjalne przeglądy czołowych banków inwestycyjnych poświęcone następującym tematom: makroekonomia, rynek pieniężny, obligacje i euroobligacje, konsorcjalne kredyty i weksle. Jest dostępna wyszukiwarka komentarzy wg tematów, źródła, słów kluczowych, periodyczności publikacji przeglądów. Jest przewidziana możliwość ustawienia automatycznego wysłania na pocztę komentarzy odnośnie konkretnego źródła, które wzbudziły zainteresowanie.
Cbonds is a global fixed income data platform
  • Cbonds is a global data platform on bond market
  • Coverage: more than 170 countries and 250,000 domestic and international bonds
  • Various ways to get data: descriptive data and bond prices - website, xls add-in, mobile app
  • Analytical functionality: bond market screener, Watchlist, market maps and other tools