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Cbonds Prepared League Tables of Investment Banks - Bookrunners of Emerging and Developed Market bonds for 1H 2018

05 lipiec 2018 | Cbonds

We are happy to announce the publication of new investment banks league tables - bookrunners of Emerging and Developed market bonds and international bonds for the 1H 2018. The following league tables were published:

League table for EM international bonds, 1H 2018 (http://cbonds.com/rankings/item/279)
#Investment bankVolume, bln USDMarkets share, %Number of issues
1Citigroup34 6739.25190
2HSBC29 1787.79211
3JP Morgan23 8596.37140
4Deutsche Bank22 0605.89100
5Standard Chartered Bank20 5715.49144

League table for CIS international bonds, 1H 2018 (http://cbonds.com/rankings/item/281)
#Investment bankVolume, bln USDMarkets share, %Number of issues
1VTB Capital2 34414.419
2JP Morgan1 5619.6012
3UBS1 4078.658
4Citigroup1 3218.129
5Renaissance Capital7674.718

League table for DM International bonds (excl. USA), 1H 2018 (http://cbonds.com/rankings/item/265)
#Investment bankVolume, bln USDMarkets share, %Number of issues
1HSBC56 6047.76228
2Barclays50 9946.99206
3JP Morgan49 2196.75274
4BNP Paribas44 2916.07215
5Citigroup44 1976.06241

League table for USA bonds, 1H 2018 (http://cbonds.com/rankings/item/497)
#Investment bankVolume, bln USDMarkets share, %Number of issues
1Bank of America Merrill Lynch81 19011.59408
2JP Morgan72 82410.39417
3Citigroup59 0208.42338
4Goldman Sachs53 5197.64253
5Barclays43 9326.27264

You can also use the league table builder (http://cbonds.com/rankings/generator/), which allows using lots of different filters, such as: the industry of the issuer, currency of issue, country, type of securities and others.

Cbonds expresses appreciation to investment banks which are included in the process of confirming participation in the deals that are included into Cbonds ranking. Cbonds invites all market participants of primary market to cooperation, it helps us make our league tables more fair and accurate. Contact details are available here: (http://em.cbonds.com/pages/cbonds_em).

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