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SUEK (TIN 7708129854, OGRN 1027700151380) — Company card

nazwa firmy SUEK
pełna nazwa firmy Joint stock company "Siberian Coal Energy Company"
forma prawna Spółka akcyjna
kraj Rosja
country of registration Rosja
branża Energetyka
strona internetowa
SIC 1222 Bituminous coal underground mining
ICB 1700 Basic Resources

Company details

  • NIP
  • KPP (dla Rosji)
  • OGRN (dla Rosji)
  • OKPO (dla Rosji)
  • OGRN data (dla Rosji)


Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) is the nation’s largest coal producer and the only one Russian company that is among the top ten world’s coal leaders. Subsidiaries and affiliates of the company span across Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk, Primorsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk and Chita regions, the Republics of Khakasya and Buratya.

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Agencja ratingowaRatingRating scaleDate
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- foreign currency ***
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- local currency ***
Fitch Ratings *** LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.) ***
Moody's Interfax Rating Agency *** National Scale (Russia) ***
Expert RA *** Credit Ratings of Non-financial Companies ***
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Papier wartościowy Volume, mln Stan
SUEK, 8.625% 24oct2008, USD 175 USD Wykupiona
SUEK, 02 1.000 RUB Wykupiona
SUEK, 01 600 RUB Wykupiona
SUEK-Finance, 001P-02R 10.000 RUB W obrocie
SUEK-Finance, 001P-01R 8.000 RUB W obrocie
SUEK-Finance, 05 10.000 RUB W obrocie
SUEK-Finance, 01 10.000 RUB W obrocie
SUEK-Finance, BO-06 3.000 RUB Zaplanowana
SUEK-Finance, BO-04 3.000 RUB Zaplanowana
SUEK-Finance, BO-11 5.000 RUB Zaplanowana
Loans Volume, mln Stan
SUEK, 06.2019 1.000 USD Granted
SUEK, 2,03.2018 515 USD Granted
SUEK, 1,03.2018 485 USD Granted
SUEK, 05.2017 1.000 USD Granted
SUEK, 07.2016 240 USD Granted
SUEK, 2, 02.2016 200 USD Granted
SUEK, 1, 02.2016 813 USD Granted
SUEK, 01.2014 1.500 USD Granted
SUEK, 11.2012 600 USD Granted
SUEK, 07.2012 200 USD Granted

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