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Citibank Ukraine — Company card

nazwa firmy Citibank Ukraine
pełna nazwa firmy Citibank Ukraine
kraj Ukraine
branża Banks


Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Citibank (Ukraine)” was registered by the National Bank of Ukraine in May 1998 and on October 30, 1998 the Bank was granted the package of banking licenses authorizing it to conduct all principal banking operations for corporate customers (residents and non-residents). For 9 years Citibank Ukraine successfully operates in the Ukrainian marketplace as a locally incorporated bank with 100% foreign capital (Citibank Ukraine is a 100% owned subsidiary of Citigroup). For this short time period, despite tough economic and political environment in our country, the Bank has built up the significant customer base; it has implemented the wide range of modern banking products and has occupied a noticeable place in the Ukrainian banking system. As of Jan 1, 2007 JSCB “Citibank (Ukraine)” has $50 mln of equity capital and net assets over $300 mln. In 2001, Citibank Ukraine has purchased the building and moved into the modern office in the center of Kyiv. This is another example of long-term commitment of Citibank to build and develop serious business in Ukraine. Today, Citibank Ukraine operates with over 80 local staff and 1 expatriate general manager who has brought extensive experience and best corporate practices from Citibank overseas into the growing Ukrainian business to build the reliable and effective franchise. Ukraine is a very special country for Citibank: Ukraine has become the 100th country of Citibank’s worldwide presence. This is the unparalleled achievement among all international banks and it is a logical step in Citibank’s long-term strategy of consistent global expansion and commitment to the Emerging Markets. Constantly reinforcing and improving its leading positions, Citibank successfully operates in many of Eastern European countries that moved to market economy transformations (currently these are Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Bulgaria). Citibank’s strong market position in Ukraine will bring an additional advantage for your Company.

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